Tianyu Lantern

Founded in 1997, Sichuan Tianyu Culture Communication Co., LTD., is a professional company engaged in the exhibition and operation of Chinese folk culture. Our core business is overseas Chinese lantern exhibition. Since its establishment about 20 years ago, the company has successfully hosted more than 200 lantern exhibitions in large and medium-sized cities at China and abroad, with tens of millions of visitors. Relying on Zigong’s unique advantages of lantern making, Tianyu has developed a group of skilled lantern makers, and closely following the trend, constantly expanding business scope with an operation team that is professional and have a clear structure. We believe that only being a product provider can’t complete the real “culture output”, therefore, using Tianyu brand as the center of the circle, from products, operation and folk culture projects to create a virtuous circle of the whole industry chain. Tianyu is completing the process from “Culture Output” to “Brand Effect” year by year.

Heartwarming Brand

Tianyu strives to create a unique and fun night for you, bring happiness to millions of visitors around the world. This is the other side of the Tianyu business attribute.


“Going Global” strategy

Since 2011, Tianyu had fully implemented the strategy of “Going Global”. Through establishing overseas subsidiaries and offices in the Netherlands, Australia, the United States and France, Tianyu has established an extensive overseas business network with a high share of the international market. We are the only company engaged in and focused on overseas lantern exhibition and have a stable international market with the business market covers most states of U.S., many countries of Europe and Australia. Through more than 20 years of experience accumulation, Tianyu has completely established its own mature industry chain. We have very experienced team to operate the whole process.  From early market development to lantern design and production, then to the negotiating with exhibition venues, and onsite lantern installation, as well as marketing, handicrafts exhibition and folk culture performance, our excellent team members always brings the best experience to every partner. 

At present, Tianyu has established three wholly-owned subsidiaries in Chicago ( the United States), Rotterdam ( Netherlands), and Melbourne (Australia), so as to localize and regularized the business. The registration of several trademarks, like CULTURE CHINA, TIANYU CULTURE, TIANYU FANTACY LIGHT AND CHINA LIGHT FESTIVAL, has built up the intellectual property right protection for the company’s lantern festival brand. The CULTURE CHINA even gained a great reputation in major developed countries in Europe and America. 

After years of overseas market expansion, we have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with lots of partners, gaining a unique competitive advantage. While organizing the China Lantern Festival, we are actively exploring the new model of “Service + Product” of Zigong lantern, leading the featured Sichuan product and the art group going global. For example, in recent years, Tianyu hosted the “Sichuan Characteristic Commodity Fair”  successively during lantern show for many times, leading the intangible culture heritage product going global like Luzhou Oil-paper Umbrella, Zigong Tie-Dye Craft and Ya’an Tea. In addition, we also organized nearly 500 dance performances with Chinese characteristics during the lantern show, all the amazing performers were from the dance and acrobatic troupes from Zigong and Suning as well as students from Beijing Dance Academy, Sichuan Conservatory of Music and other art schools. All the events were popular among foreign visitors, which had further strengthened the culture exchanges and mutual understanding between China and the countries hosting exhibitions. Therefore, Tianyu played a positive role in developing China’s culture trade with foreign countries and promoting Chinese culture.